Sexy Nipple Biting Techniques

Before we even begin, it should be stated that sexy nipple biting is very difficult to do properly. However, when a person knows how to correctly perform this act of erotic sensual biting, it can be enough to drive their partner wild with desire. For most people, both guys and women, the nipples can be very sensitive and the slightest bit of excess pressure can cause a great deal of pain. Additionally, the threshold for pain will differ widely from person to person. While one girl may be able to endure and even enjoy a rough bite to the nipple, another might feel pain if the nipple is barely squeezed.

The first step to being able to provide pleasure to your lover through biting of the nipples is to know the limits. You must move slow, gradually increasing the pressure until you sense that the next bite will be too much for your partner. A great place to start is to bit without using teeth at first. You can simply apply pressure with the lips in a biting motion. While this is not technically biting, it will serve as a starting point with which to gauge a lover’s threshold of pain. If she recoils after a bite with the lips, maybe nipple biting is not an option. However, if she seems to enjoy it, the next bite can be done with the teeth, but very gently. It is very important that you stay attentive to her responses and know when you are close to biting too hard. If you cross the line, it may signal the end of the night’s romantic activities and you may need to work on your sensual biting techniques.

For the stimulation of a guy’s nipples, the sensual biting techniques can be a little rougher. Although it is not always true, guys generally have a higher pain tolerance than women and are more into aggressive foreplay. However, the same rules apply. Start slow and gentle with the bites, taking care not to jump right into rough nibbles that could cause pain. Listening to how he breathes can be an easy way of telling whether he likes it or not. Quick breaths can indicate pleasure, whereas a guy who holds his breath may just be tolerating the pain. While being observant is key when it comes to nipple biting, there is another option. You can simply ask. After making a little bite on the nipples, you can look up at your lover’s face and ask if he or she likes it. If it hurts, then your partner will surely tell you and you will know that you need to either tone down the aggression or stop altogether. Sexy nipple biting can provide untold levels of pleasure, but it must be practised with caution.



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